Our references

They have helped avoid the emission of thousands of tonnes of
CO2 equivalent, here are our partners


Refrigeration installers are our privileged contacts. They install and configure Intelligent Level Detectors and additional modules. They then remotely follow the installations they have equipped.

As soon as a leak is declared, they are notified by email to intervene as quickly as possible and thus limit the losses of refrigerant. Sentinelle allows them to follow their installations in real time but also to have a detailed history thanks to the installation log and numerous filters.

They find alerts and advice to improve the settings of the installations for which they manage maintenance. Matelex works with more than a hundred installers in France and abroad and launches in 2020 its training program to better support them.

End users

Hypermarkets, supermarkets, cold storage warehouses, food industries …

They chose The DNI (Intelligent Level Detector) to optimize the operation of their facilities and limit their environmental impact. They benefit from the constant monitoring of the DNI and its additional modules and secure the production of cold thanks to the responsiveness of the installers managing their refrigeration plants.

These refrigeration engineers, able to intervene on their installations in the event of an anomaly, or simply to improve the settings, allow them to minimize the risks of production stoppage, and therefore of operating losses.


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