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Connected solutions dedicated to improving performance and reducing
the environmental impact of refrigeration installations.


The PolarBox is an expert system for remote monitoring including leak detection using an indirect measurement method.


PolarVisor is the web interface for managing and monitoring the DNI and its modules. PolarVisor compares, analyzes, advises and alerts.

Energy module

The energy module is an energy monitoring tool capable of measuring the actual consumption of an installation. It analyzes and compares performance and alerts in the event of energy drift or risk of breakdown.

An effective response to complex regulations

The European community strengthened regulations on fluorinated greenhouse gases in April 2014 with a new regulation (EU) No 517/2014. This new regulation commonly called "F-Gas" came into effect on January 1, 2015.

The objective of this regulation is to regulate the sale and use of refrigerants with a strong environmental impact. The progressive reduction of the quantities placed on the market and the reinforced leakage control of the installations are pillars of this European regulation.

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Matelex is a specialist in leak detection and energy management for refrigeration installations.

Matelex patented its Smart Level Detector in 2009. This leakage detection system using an indirect measurement method offers an effective response to refrigerant leaks and complies with regulatory requirements.

The energy and floating HP (High Pressure) modules allow us to go further in the connected management of refrigeration installations by offering a global surveillance solution for installations, linked to the PolarVisor web app.


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