Technology • 10.05.2022

Matelex launches 4G connectivity for its equipment

Matelex, a specialist in remote monitoring for refrigeration, launches its 4G connectivity offer. An additional connection option to take full advantage of the performance of the Matelex solution.

With measurements every 5 seconds, Matelex equipment complements refrigeration installations to extract new information. This information is intended to simplify the management of a fleet of installations by providing new indicators, in real time. Alerts in case of leakage, energy drift or risk of failure allow operators to improve the performance of installations.

All the information from the equipment is analyzed and displayed on the Sentinelle web interface, and its new PolarVisor version. A real management platform for refrigeration with a complete dashboard, alerts and reminders.

In order to take advantage of the platform’s functionalities, the connection of equipment via Wifi and Ethernet cable was already available. A new option will be added at the end of February: 4G connectivity.

The modem proposed by Matelex will allow the connection of up to 4 devices (DNI + Energy Module).

Le routeur dispose d’une carte SIM intégrée et est prêt à être utilisé. Sa configuration est simple et permettra de disposer d’une connexion performante, même en milieu isolé (ex: salle des machines).

This new connection option will be usable as soon as it is configured and will offer an Internet connection independent of the client network. The data exchange remains secure.

Contactez-nous pour découvrir l’offre connectivité 4G Matelex !

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