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With over 4,000 systems installed worldwide, Matelex is an award-winning green tech platform for the commercial refrigeration sector to detect leaks very early, reduce energy drift and optimize operations.

Web Solution for installer

Our patented, award-winning system is capable of learning a refrigeration system’s normal operation and noting any significant deviations. Measurements taken every few seconds will allow you to keep tabs on operating data such as pressures and temperatures throughout your entire system to avoid breakdowns, overuse of costly and climate-harming refrigerants, or high energy consumption caused by faulty or aging equipment.

PolarVisor’s precision web interface enables you to access information on all installations from our web app’s summary dashboard, providing continuous monitoring and peace of mind.


Matelex technology can stand alone, or complement portable or previously-installed direct leak detection systems. It adapts well to all refrigerants, all tanks (horizontal, vertical, horizontal inclined). Add Matelex to the types of installations you can support – just in time for the US Aim Act!

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Matelax Money Stack

Once installed, our predictive maintenance solution will quickly yield them real and noticeable savings. One of Europe’s largest grocery chains – saw a FULL return on investment in just one year!

These new regulations are likely to bump up the cost of refrigerant. We’ve seen a rise of 600% in 3 years! So adopting more effective leak detection sooner is a smart move.

A degraded system costs more to operate, causing energy usage to climb 10-30% higher, on average. Ensure that refrigeration systems function properly, at optimal levels.

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US AIM Act - Are You Ready for New Refrigerant Regulations?