The Key is Preventative Maintenance

Web Solution for installer

Matelex offers powerful leak detection to stand alone or complement direct methods – combined with advice for optimizing your system. Know that your technicians and maintenance supervisors can access information about your installations 24/7 through PolarVisor, the web interface that enables global monitoring remotely, from any location.

Implementing recommendations from the PolarVisor™ helps you avoid:

Production stoppage/business interruption

Expensive emergency service calls

Image risk

Wear & tear on equipment

High energy consumption

Unnecessary travel

Degraded performance

Benefits to Supermarkets

Supermarkets that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shrink their overall carbon footprint while providing consumers with a more reliable cold chain to stand above the competition.

Our technology saves money, lowering total cost of ownership. Auchan, one of Europe’s largest grocery chains, applied the Matelex solution to their existing leak detection for extra protection. As a result:

Matelex Decrease refrigerant refills

Count Your Savings

Thanks to PolarVisor, your technicians and others you designate are alerted as soon as a leak occurs, and your cold installations are constantly monitored to minimize any risk of breakdown. We also send practical advice to optimize the operation of your installations in order to reduce operating costs, help them function better, and extend their life.


Refrigerant Regulation

The AIM Act is here, and new rules are complete in 2023. Whether or not your installations are located in a state that is already leading the charge to reduce HFCs, the AIM Act will ensure that every owner / operator has a stake in advanced leak detection, conserving refrigerant, and protecting the environment. Don’t worry about compliance – be proactive!


Strengthen Relationships

Installers find that Matelex technology adapts well to various store layouts and configurations. Maintenance supervisors appreciate the ability to see at a glance how all the stores are doing, knowing they will be alerted remotely as soon as a leak occurs. Analyzing data in real time measured on your systems, we make your team more effective partners in your company’s

The Matelex Difference

Our expert system is able to learn the normal operation of your installation. An algorithmic learning period of one week is enough to determine a set of baselines for your system. Measurements taken every few seconds will then reveal any statistically significant deviation from these baselines.

The presence of such a deviation will trigger what we call a Statistical Alarm. In
addition, a second alarm will sound if the refrigerant drops below a certain reference
level. We call this a Low Level Alarm. The sensitivity thresholds on both alarms may
be adjusted to suit the needs of each company and its technical support team.

Global visibility on the Polarvisor platform brings peace of mind for all!

To find out if your company is eligible to participate in a US pilot.