Get a handle on just how much your refrigeration system is costing you and the environment.

Waste and product loss create drag on your systems, and most times the exact amounts are unknown. It makes good dollars and sense, therefore, to take a close look at actual numbers and how they tally up. With just a minute or two at your convenience, our new Impact Calculator makes this simple to do!

How to use the impact calculator?

First, input the type of refrigerant that you use. (At Matelex, we do not emphasize distinctions between “natural” and “synthetic.” If it leaks, we’ll help you find it and fix it, regardless. And if it stays in your system without leaking, it hardly matters what it’s made of in the first place, does it? Learn more about our indirect leak detection method.)

Next, you can input the size of your installation and the average price you’re paying for refrigerant. Prices for various commercial refrigerants tie in with current industry rates and standards. 

After that, the data point you’re going to need to input is your leak rate. HINT: leak rates average 25-30% for most installations. That means that, unfortunately, nearly one-third of the product you purchase can be chalked up as an immediate loss. 

Finally, inputting the number of sites will multiply the results. The algorithm will calculate how many pounds of CO2 that means the environment will have to absorb from your installations  per year.  As you scroll down, the Impact Calculator will display the amount of money in loss of refrigerant and what the pounds translate to in C02-equivalent. 

All of these inputs can be changed. With more sites, the impacts will increase. The same is true, of course, for higher leak rates. 

Discover the Matelex impact calculator with David Reitz

This tool is intended to give you some general perspective on your businesses.  However, for many stores there is a lot more analysis that needs to be done. Get in touch to take a look together at your specific circumstances, so we can help identify where you can save money and reduce costs to the environment. 

YES, I would like a free, in-depth analysis. To start the process, book a conversation.

As the Impact Calculator shows, financial and environmental costs are essential to get a handle on, particularly as new regulations under the AIM Act take effect. This is especially true for small to mid-sized grocery stores that may not be aware of just how much they stand to lose in the coming years if they don’t take action now. 

We specialize in leak detection and elimination. Matelex can help you make necessary preparations that represent smart investments. This is important as the federal government prepares to guide the industry to phase out hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs (see earlier blog post, Are You Ready for the new AIM Act Regulations?) As the EPA gains “teeth” to authorize enforcement of these new regulations, mandated inspection schedules may be just around the corner (see earlier blog post, State of US Leak Detection Requirements in Flux). 

Learn more about our simple solution – made visible to you at any time of day or night with the assistance of our PolarVisor product

Join our US pilot program

Already interested in trying out the product? Good news – we are still enrolling companies to participate in a US pilot program. David will review your response to this application to see if your store site is eligible. Apply now

You deserve to reclaim peace of mind. The sooner we can walk you through the impacts of various decision-making to manage your commercial refrigeration systems, the sooner you can begin to save money and sleep better at night knowing you have taken responsible action. 

With remote 24/7 monitoring and smart leak detection, Matelex keeps it simple.  

Benefits to Owner/Operators Benefits to Installers
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