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Matelex offers connected solutions dedicated to leak detection and energy management for refrigeration installations

The beginning of the adventure

Matelex stands for “expert electronic equipment in French”, like its expert system dedicated to leak detection. Faced with very high leakage rates and without a solution suitable for constant monitoring of installations, Gérald Anquetil – creator of Matelex – patented the Intelligent Level Detector (DNI) in 2009. In 2011, the first DNIs were installed and then connected to the Sentinelle web interface. Once the direct emissions (leaks) have been dealt with, it is the floating energy and HP modules that emerge, to tackle indirect emissions and thus complete the global Matelex approach.

Integration into the Dehon group

Wishing to draw on the expertise of a family group born in 1874, and in particular Climalife, a European specialist in refrigerants, Matelex turned to the Dehon group at the end of 2017. This buyout has enabled the company to meet growing market demand with more human and technical resources. It has also enabled the Dehon group to consolidate its offer of innovative and sustainable solutions for thermal systems, with a connected tool.

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