Technology • 10.02.2021

Novelties 2021 – Intelligent Level Sensor (DNI) & energy management modules

After several months of development, the Matelex team is pleased to inform you of the launch of the new version of its leak detector using indirect measurement methods.

Your feedback from the field, coupled with Matelex’s expertise, has enabled the Intelligent Level Detector (DNI) to be given a new look. Discover its new functions today!

Improvement of the overall reliability of the DNI and the HP Floating Module :

  • Changing part of the on-board electronics
  • Modification of the DNI case for better protection against electrical risks
  • Floating HP Module: adjustment of the switch-on times of the ventilation stages in manual mode for greater precision

Improvement of the ergonomics of the DNI interface and assistance in diagnosis :

  • Easier access to DNI information thanks to the information centre in the “visualization” menu
  • Implementation of a self-test solution to facilitate remote troubleshooting
  • Possibility of declaring top-ups directly on the DNI with transfer to Sentinelle

Prioritisation of interventions and decision support :

  • Criticality of alarms: technical alarms only trigger the main relay of the BMS if the alarm is critical and technical alarms no longer trigger low level alarms.
  • Provision of a decision support tool for acquittal, recalculation or re-training

The user experience around this global solution has been rethought: Matelex will offer for any purchase of a DNI or Energy and Floating HP modules a personalised support, remotely or in person, by MATELEX engineers.

This support, a real torch-bearer between MATELEX and its installation partners, will serve as a reminder of best practices for the installation and maintenance of DNIs. A privileged exchange space to help people get to grips with the solution, it will focus on alarm management and remote monitoring as well as the overall monitoring of installations thanks to Sentinelle.

Maintenance of Intelligent Level Detectors (DNI)

Annual regulatory maintenance of detectors

Like portable leak detectors, permanent leak detectors must be checked annually. The European regulation n° 517/2014 “F-Gas” specify this obligation:

“Operators oshall ensure that leakage detection systems are checked at least once every 12 months to ensure their proper functioning”

How to carry out this maintenance?

Two options are available :

1/ Involving an authorised organisation to inspect the entire installation. The latter will invoice you for the service and will issue you with the calibration certificate on delivery.

2/ Replace the solution measurement chain yourself. Matelex offers a maintenance kit to ensure the accuracy of the measurements taken and analysed by the DNI, it includes :

  • a strain gauge
  • a measuring card
  • a pressure transmitter
  • an installation procedure

This kit will enable you to carry out a simple annual inspection of your installations. We will issue you with a certificate once the maintenance has been carried out, and it will also be made available on Sentinelle so that you will always have it on hand in case of an inspection.

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